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Q. What is an Idiot Proof™ web site exactly?
A. A web site that can be easily navigated by users from all levels of Internet experience. An Idiot Proof™ web site takes little to no effort to find the information you are looking for; navigation is consistently available and shows all the major options in an organized and quick to use fashion.

Q. Why would I want my site to be designated as Idiot Proof™?
A. By being designated Idiot Proof™ by our professional web designer judges, you will be able to take advantage of many great benefits. Your site will be allowed to display our coveted Idiot Proof™ emblem; you will be listed on our Idiot Proof directory in your chosen category; you will receive useful tips on further enhancing the value of your web site; and you will know deep in your heart that you've got kick-ass web site for the world to see!

Q. What are reasons I should endeavour to have an Idiot Proof™ site?
Q. Nobody wants to aimless roam a web site for eternity just to find the information they are looking for. By having an Idiot Proof site, you will be able to potentially increase your number of sales, user registrations, product sales, ad impressions and more. The more usable a site is; the more likely a user is willing to continue using it and return to it time and time again. Having an Idiot Proof™ web site will help lower instances of common issues such as abandoned shopping carts; failed or dropped sign-ups; poor ratings on user satisfaction surveys and more. There are plenty of reasons why you want your site to be easy and usable for your valued surfers.

Q. How long does it typically take to be accepted?
A. Currently due to the flood of sign-ups we are taking it one step at a time; we do review all of the submissions we receive, so yours will be checked out in due time. While we can't give you an exact time frame; let me assure you we get through the submissions as quickly as we can, while still ensuring the quality of the sites we accept!

Q. What is required to be accepted as an Idiot Proof™ site?
Your site must meet the following minimum requirements; in addition to being individually assessed by our groovy Idiot Proof™ site assessment team for a case-by-case evaluation:
  • Must be an English language or predominantly English web site
  • Must have its own domain name
  • Cannot display pop-up or pop-under advertising
  • Must have no broken links, 404 pages
  • Cannot have any sections or pages that are coming soon or under construction
  • Pages need to be consistent in their design and layout
  • Recommended to have ALT tags for important graphics, photographs and menu options
  • Menus and navigation need to be easy to use, placed consistently
  • Shopping sites must have an easy to understand check-out process
  • Subscriber or membership based sites must have easy sign-up processes
  • Recommended to have a site map and or site help pages
  • The user must be able to get to critical information within 2 to 3 mouse clicks
  • Headers and title bar information must clearly present where the user is within site
  • Easy method of returning to the home, about, contact pages


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