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After countless hours of web surfing, a team of us came to the conclusion that the web would be a much more friendlier and fun place for everyone if all sites were "Idiot Proof". Too many times we came across sites that were beautiful to look at but a nightmare to navigate, or the opposite of that where the site may have been ugly, but easy to get around. And then of course there were the sites that basically were ugly and annoying to surf.

In comes Idiot Proof™, a designation we designed that, when displayed on a web site, is a sure sign that a site is well built in all regards, attractive design, easy to navigate, and generally a fun Internet experience. We decided that we would create the Idiot Proof designation so that web masters would aspire to built sites that met the needs of the general Internet population. In return for that effort, they would be rewarded with more happy visitors that would come back again and again.

So what do we get out of this? The warm and fuzzy feeling that the web will be a better place, one in which we can all thrive and prosper during our many surfing hours. So get your web site up to spec and submit it to us and become, Idiot Proof!



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